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Automatic car parks

Actually, more rarely we encounter a situation where the parking lot waiting for us the person collecting the fee for parking and issuing the appropriate tickets.

Commonly used are now automated systems that allow you to dispense with the employment service in the parking lot.

Customers themselves, usually using the touch panel choose certain options standstill.

After driving into the parking traveled with him it is possible only upon payment of the appropriate fees and scanned the ticket.

Parking systems are designed so that the most common problems that may arise during their lifetime the irregularities in the electricity and then the appropriate repair must address electrician.

Electric tutorials

electrician Brent Many people are asking where to get knowledge about the repair of electrical installations? Although qualified electricians certainly have responded to this question guided by Asker toward the professional literature at the present time, most people sięgnęłaby rather on the Internet.

In the virtual network, you can find plenty of information with almost every aspect of life, and therefore advice on electricity can be found there.

It is true that in this field the number of instructional videos is rather poor, but no shortage of sites with articles regarding the repair of electrical installations or simpler tasks that require knowledge of electrics.

AC power

Power in an electric circuit is the rate of flow of energy past a given point of the circuit.

In alternating current circuits, energy storage elements such as inductors and capacitors may result in periodic reversals of the direction of energy flow.

The portion of power that, averaged over a complete cycle of the AC waveform, results in net transfer of energy in one direction is known as active power (sometimes also called real power). The portion of power due to stored energy, which returns to the source in each cycle, is known as reactive power.Źródło: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AC_power

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